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Right, well, do you think I should be worried?

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  • Right, well, do you think I should be worried?


    I'm 20 years old and noticed yesterday a very small, perhaps something like 1*1 mm or 2*2 mm sized rockhard lump on my left testicle, near the epididymis but still firmly attached to the surface of the testicle.

    As I do this test frequently, I know it can't have been there longer than a few weeks.

    Any thoughts?

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    The only thing to do is go and see your doctor if it is on the testicle then they will most likely do a ultrasound to see was it is. If it is a cyst which most are then it should be no cancer, if it is a solid mass then they will send you to a URO to look at the scan and determine a plan, most of the time that means surgery to remove it for testing.
    First things first call you doctor's office and tell them what you found they will get you in right away they won't want you to wait.
    Good Luck
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      Same thing

      I've just found the exact same thing...I check fairly often, and I'm pretty sure this bump is new. There is no pain...and it's also fairly close to the epididimus. It is very small however, and it's hard to tell whether or not it is part of the epididimus or not.

      I thought I remembered reading about TC, and seeing that most tumours do not grow near the top or bottom of your testicles? Is there any truth to that?


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        I just found a hard lump at the bottom of my right testicle, actually it is not a lump on a testicle looks like part of the testicle. I do not know much about whether they can grow at the top or bottom in case of TC. I am still waiting for tests, I would recommend make an appointment with Urologist as soon as you can, as many here would suggest. In my case I am seeing Urologist specilizing in Oncology. Good luck.
        Weston, Florida
        Diagnosed with solid mass in my right testicle.


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          yeaahh I should get around to I know I should just go see a doctor, because that's what it always comes down to...but alot of times I just work myself up. It's fairly easy to find this bump when my "downtowns" all warm and loose...but I'm afraid if I go to the doctor (a cold hospital), and then have the doctor unable to locate it.


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            They will find it..Let them worry about that stuff..Take the first step and go get check out...Chances are your fine!!!!
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              Declander, in answer to your question,
              "Do you think I should be worried?"

              Yes. You have a symptom of testicular cancer. It might not
              be TC, but it is a symptom. The good news is it sounds like
              it's very early so if it is TC, you're prognosis would be
              very good! Go see a doctor.




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                thanks dudes