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  • Alright...Please Please Help Me

    One of My Testicles has a Lump On It (About the Size of a Pea) I Already Posted Here around 3 wks ago, earlier today i felt that my testicles were getting harder and larger, now they are back to normal, but within that period i was very worried. I am going to bed in a few hours, and when i wake up i plan on telling my dad, in the mean time, could you guys please help me? i am very nervous and scared.

    my left testicle used to be smaller than the right (its the one with the growth) now it is either the same size, or larger! plz help me!!

    ps: im 14...

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    It sounds like you already know what you need to do. Telling your father and seeing a doctor is the best thing you could do. If you read this site a bit more you'll find other threads started by young guys who were nervous and scared as well. They all say that after telling their parents and seeing a doctor that they felt better. It's always more nerve-racking to not do anything.
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      What you "could" be describing is one of the changes of puberty, my testicle's did something that sound's similar, but it's difficult to tell for sure. However, without question i would get any testicular "hardening" or "growth" checked out by the doctor to be on the safe side.

      Don't hold this off, make sure you see a doctor about this. Let us know how you get on!


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        alright, i got the hard part over, and told my dad, we are scheduling an appointment with my physician sometime in the coming weeks. thanks guys!


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          Good job. Now just make sure it get's scheduled and don't miss the appointment. If you can arrange it sooner would be better.
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