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  • Too late to hurry

    I have had a lump on the front of my Left testicle (a little bigger than a pea) for about 7 years now. It seams to be attatched somehow, very close to the epididymis and not free floating. I am 24 and it was there since I was about 17. Got a little larger through the years but not much at all and hasent changed in the past 2 or 3 years. There is also something small I have detected at about the same time on the right side that feels to be the size of a BB and is attatched to nothing and free floating. Neither of them ever bother me and I suppose thats why I never thought it was a big deal.

    My questions are this.
    Is the epididymis just supposed to feel like some squishey kind of tissue on the back of the testicle?
    Also: I was wondering if maybe I am in the clear since I have waited so long with no pains or anything like that? I mean wouldnt cancer have kicked in and spread by now showing some type of symptoms? Or should I rush myself to the doctor and get this checked asap?
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