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Back pain, soft lump.

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  • Back pain, soft lump.

    I'm a 21 year old male. About 2 months ago i developed back pain that got gradually worse until about a month ago to a point where it has stayed regular until now. I have also recently noticed a large soft abnormality on the lower half of the front of my left testicle. The back pain seemed to coincide with my starting a martil arts class but there was no single incident that seemed to cause the back pain, its onset has been gradual. I may be overreacting but am worried because i've read that back pain is a sign of late stage TC.

    Have also had some lung problems for about a year now, occasionally spitting blood. Although had a chest x-ray around christmas which came up normal.
    Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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    Weeell...odds are that you don't have TC, but you should really get it checked out, especially since theres a lump.

    I know with lance armstrong, when he was finally diagnosed, he was coughing up blood because the cancer was so advanced and it had spread to his abdomen...(I think). Has your doctor checked you for TC or done anything other than a chest X-ray?

    Anyway, you should just go get it checked out for peace of mind. I've recently just found a tiny bump, and I plan on going in just to make sure it isn't anything.

    Best of luck.


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      If you have a lump on your testicle it should be examined by a urologist, not a GP but a urologist. If the lump feels sof and like it's part of some of your plumbing it will be a cyst, that's not really a big deal. If when the doctor (or you) check the lump and it feels hard and like part of the testicle then you will need further testing. Yes back pain can be a sign of tc but for most people back pain is simply back pain, the fact that the lung shots are clear is great but now you need two things investigated, 1 the lump on your testicle (which may be nothing) and 2) why are you ever coughing up blood. My list would have the coughing up blood first since that is already happening. Don't let the doctors get away without giving you an answer.
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        FTR, Lance only coughed up blood once, but it was before the diagnosis, not sure how much before, maybe months.
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