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  • Worried...

    Hey guys. I'm really thankful I found this website. I'm 22 years old and since I was like 17, I've had a very small lump (smaller than a pea) on my right testicle, towards the back. It's kinda hard and doesn't move around, and it hasn't gotten any bigger since I first found it many years back.

    I had a physical shortly after I found it back around 2000, and the doctor didn't think I had anything to worry about. Neither does my mom, who is a nurse.

    But in the last few months, I've noticed kind of a dull ache occasionally down there. Nothing real painful, just more on an annoyance, and it comes and goes. There doesn't appear to be any swelling or shrinkage of any kind, but still, I'm concerned.

    I don't have any health insurance right now (unemployed), but plan on hopefully having some after the first of the year.

    I plan on getting it looked at, but in the mean time, I was wondering if any of you out there have had an experience like this, or if you have any suggestions for me.

    It just feels good to be able to talk with people that have gone through this type of worry before. Thanks for your help everyone.