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i know this doesent have anything to do with tc

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  • i know this doesent have anything to do with tc

    hey a while ago i was compalining about pain in my testicles and that but that went away and there were no lumps and then a lump at the base of my penis that turned into a sebaciuos cyst went into action and filled with puss and looked as ugly as sin lol leaving a blow hole in my skin after it had popped and know and behold after about 3 weeks it was fully healed no more lump it didnt get infected as i was putting anti-septic cream on it about 2 times aday and washing my hands evrytime i touched there all thats left is a very very faint dimple so yay no dotor needed atall and during this time my mum was suffering from ovarian cancer and sadly she died a few weeks ago after 9 mnths now i have more problems but this problem i cant find a forum for its on my throat there is like a red lump at the back of my throat withc can only be seen if i force myself to gag as its to the right if ur lookin in the mirror and a smaller one next to it near the middle of the throat and nearr the front of my mouth is a mass but the doctor says thats a meaty tonsil whatever that means iv had this about 3 mnths now and they small one goes up and down in size and sometimes the soreness may go away for about a day or 2 ive been to doctor twice and hes baffled second time i was told it was a secondry infection a week ago it was horrible for about 2 days but then it slowly became better but it never heals it will be on and off during a day surley if it was cancer i would have pain imy ear and it would be huge the only sympton is a sore throat whitch at times is just an irritation ive searched up and down google and found nothing except for a blog of someone who is sufering like me but that blog hasnt been updated for a year im 17 and it started a few motnhs after i began my carpentry course at college im in the uk could this be a reaction that hasnt cleard and ive just had a msssive 9 week of college and it hadnt gone away well sorry about rambling abit and bad typing lol


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    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, meh.

    About your health issue, it sounds as though you're looking at your tonsils, and it seems most likely you have some sort of throat infection. Were you given any medication?

    I'm afraid these forums focus on testicular cancer, and we aren't able to offer medical advice. However, there are sites like the one at this link that may help.
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      cheers thanks and my sore throat hasnt botherd me for 3 days and im hoping it stays that way