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    Well. Im 15 year old male, i gotg kicked in the testicle about 4 month ago and that day it started stinging for about 2 days, Then i started to feel my testicle, and i cu feel alot of tubes whivch i supose is the epedymis but these seem quite fat, And at the bottom of my testicle is what seemed like tubes also but connected to my testicle was some sort of lump, Im not sure if this is something to do with the tubes or, Beause it feels like theres tubes in there that is soft but thers also somethng thats abit harder thats connected to my testicle, I can move this about a small distance while its connected to my testicle by abit of tissue i guess, When i squeeze it hard enough it hurts, But i play about this to see what its feels like and make sure its not somethng to harm me but when i read site and it says do self examination i do not do that i get my thumb and finger down from that and grab the lump an start to feel it, Dont ask why maybes this is why i get a mistake and it might supost to be there but please someone tel me if this is a problem or if its usual to have somethig like this connected to the bottom of my testicle, It feels almost the same to the top.


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    I also have not told anyone about this because i feel to embarresed to tell my mother. Is it possible to see someone by my self to get this checked. Becuse i do not plan to tel my mother. I live in the north east of britian if thats any help :S


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      im actualy planing telling my mother to get me a appointment at the doctors , Afer i come home frm football but im dreading it . can someone please tell me if im mistaking a bit of my testicle thats spost to be there for a lump or what ever and any ideas what i shud say to the doctor once i get there.


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        You really need to get checked. You most likely have some effect from the injury, but go to the doctor. Just tell the doctor you got hit in the groin and you testicle is still sore. It won't be as bad as you think.
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          Thanks fish but can you please tell me something, Are these things i describe supost to be at the bottom of my testicle. also at the side of my testicle is wshat feels like some kind of thin string attached what i can move around , but is attached.

          Please reply and thanks again


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            Just to ease your mind a little there are several different things that this could be and seeing as though you were injured that is probably the culprit.. Your parents will be very glad that you are open enough with them to inform them of a problem of this sort.. As grow ups we can still remember how hard or even embarrasing it is to talk about or tell someone you have a problem with anything related to the genitals... I'm sure your parents will make an appiontment with a doctor as soon as you inform them of the problem. You need to tell them ASAP because the longer you leave any physical problem to fester the harder it is to correct.. You will be just fine James!! BEST OF LUCK!!
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              Thanks alot, Ive actualy told my mother , And will hopefuly make a appointment tommorow , i told her about me getting in the testicles and that i had a lump , Which i was not sure if it was there for a purpose or some kind of growth. So when i go to the doctor i have no idea what he will ask but i will tell him about me getting kicked in the testicles, and that there sore. Or should i tell him about the bottom of my testicle as how i described abouve or should he just check this anyway.

              Thanks again, I just cant wait to get this over with... 4 month of wondering if its cancer and if it is life threating, Hopefuly i can live my life with out worry after my visit to the doctor.


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                Ok.. so im now going to the doctors tommorow at 1:20 pm.... dreading it tbh dont like the idea of been examened by a man. But its gotta be done.


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                  Hi well after i went and seen a gp.... i was nervous at first.... but when i got called in it was ok... My mom stood behind a curtain wile i got examined. She said i had a fluid bag or something at the bottom and said thers nothing to worry about, She also said she would apply for a scan or something, but it would take 3 months, She said if it would happen to dissapear i could cancel it, Should i cancel the appointment.. Or just get it checked out to make sure.

                  Thanks again for the help ive received here.


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                    If it's fluid filled your in the clear as far as cancer goes so sleep well. Even if it should go away I would still get the scan. Safety first.
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