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Nervous 21 Yearl Old Male

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  • Nervous 21 Yearl Old Male

    ok, I have notice a small lump on my left testicle a few days ago. Do I have an STD or TC? I read that a small lump can be caused by testical damage also. My Gf got overly playful and started bittin my testicles midly hard a few days ago.I have a very active life, have been feeling good and have a active sex life.I was thinkin of waiting a couple days to see if it goes away...or if it gets any worse. Any advice? Also, I have no pain in either testicle, no swelling, no pain anywhere, and havent seen any discolorations in my semen. There is also no history of TC in my family tree. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Get It checked

    My thought...get it checked. You cannot be sure if it was there before and now just noticing because of the injury. If it is just a little hematoma/ swelling, no big deal...if it is a cancerous tumor, you will be that many days ahead. The tests are easy and painless. If they find a lump.....get an ultrasound and tumor markers. They let my son go far too long!!! Take care, Russell's Mom (RN)
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      see youre Doctor to be safe, it can be alot of diff things.


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        well i have an appointment book with my GP next my fingers will remain crossed until then. Thx alot for the advice.