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    I am kind of worried, but more than anything confused.

    First off, let me preface this by saying I had an undescended testicle when I was right testicle..and had surgery to fix it when I was 1988.

    Since then, my testicles have ALWAYS been really sensitive...meaning, they are not easy to touch...they hurt or feel uncomfortable if they are handled (no laughing, hehe). Also, my left testicle, for some reason, has always been a lot bigger than my right...which I'm wondering has something to do with the right one being undescended.

    The past couple/few months, I have had a weird experience with my left testicle. If I pull up my boxer briefs or touch the middle right side of my left testicle, I'll feel a really fast sharp pain. It's nothing that causes me to double's just a shooting pain that only lasts a second. Almost as if I touched a nerve. When I've tried feeling my left testicle, I dont feel any lumps, but it might be because I'm not really squeezing, because they've always been so sensitive. Plus, I get really grossed out about them, just like if another guy thinks about a vasectomy or getting kicked in the balls or whatever.

    The past week or so, if I'm walking around, my left testicle seems to hang more, and when it does, I feel a dull ache in my left stomach/hip area.

    Really...I dont know what is going on. I'm mostly worried about the shooting pain, just because I can't really figure out what would cause that. Is it possible a nerve can be there? I've never heard of a shooting pain having to do with testicular cancer, but I'm not sure. What could all of this be?



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    I really can't help much other then to tell you it doesn't sound like you need to worry about tc. An undecended testicle is quite often smaller then one that came down on it's own so that's not an issue but you do have a very slightly higher chance of getting tc in the one that didn't come down on it's own. I wouldn't even guess as to what might be causing your pain but I would get checked by a urologist to find out what's going on.
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