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  • Just checked myself..

    Well, one night when I was trying to go to sleep I felt a sharp feeling in the testicular area so I thought I would check it out. My left testicle felt fine, round no bumps. But my right one feels a little off.. on the bottom of the testicle it feels longer and harder. I can't really describe it and it doesn't feel like a bump. My right testicle sort of feels like an egg with a longer bottom and it definitely does not feel similar to my left testicle..

    Idk.. i've kinda been freakin' out because i've been getting some subtle pains in that area, but i'm not sure if it's just my imagination or not. I think I might go see my GP or even schedule an appointment with a urologist, but I thought I might check here first. What do you guys think? =/

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    It's difficult to say. You really need to get this checked by a doctor (a urologist is preferred). It could either be inflammation of the epididymis or a cyst. However with that said it could also be testicular cancer, so it's worth getting it checked out to be on the safe side. Go see a doctor! :-)


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      I've had TC twice and never felt a definite lump. What I noticed was that part of the testicle was harder than the rest. Don't take any chances, go to the doctor.
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