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  • Unsure..

    hey everyone, i could use a little help
    the other day in was doing my monthly exam and in found a lump thats not a lump

    well basically, its not actually on my testicle, its like in the sack on the left side and i'm not sure if its the tube thing (excuse that i dont know technical terms) so i compared with my right side and it feels ever so slightly bigger. sometimes it feels the same as my other testicle and sometimes it feels a little different

    no pain at all, no other symptoms just that.


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    It doesn't sound like TC to me since most all cases are on the test itself. You could have a cyst which is very common or it might be nothing. The best bet is if it continues to be a concern to get in to see the doctor to be on the safe side. Remember infections and other problems in that area can become a big issue if not taken care of.
    Here are some good links to read:

    Good Luck
    5-1-2006 Right IO - Stage 1 Nonseminoma Embryonal and Yolk sac - Surveillance Baby on the way Born 7-20-07