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Ultrasound procedure???

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  • Ultrasound procedure???

    Hi, I'm going in for an ultrasound soon, and I was wondering what the usual procedure is, and just what they do. I know it is painless and quick, I was just curious as to some details.


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    It's very straight forward and nothing to worry about.

    They will apply a gel to your testicles then put a small "wand" across them to show the image on a computer screen. No pain or anything is involved. It's a fast and simple proccedure.


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      I was a bit embarassed because my ultrasound technicial was a young and very attractive blonde. I wasn't prepared for that. But she was very business-like and professional, and I think she understood I was embarassed. She went out of her way to make sure everything was covered and only the areas she was checking were exposed. I think we can sometimes forget that they do this kind of thing everyday, it is just another body part to them.

      The ultrasound tech started with my "normal" one, then proceeded to the one in question. Your ultrasound technician won't tell you anything about what they find, so don't bother to ask. You will have to wait for your doctor to look at the pictures and get back with you.

      And yes, it was painless, and only took about 10 minutes or so. You could feel a little vibration sensation, but that was about it. My right one was hard and big (I should have visited the doctor sooner), so I could feel the vibration more on that one, but it still did not hurt at all, eventhough that one was very tender.
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        YEp nothing to worry about they will have you change into a nice gown then you will get up on the table/chair and then they will put a towel over the area and move the towel up to uncover the area the lights will be low so they can see the screen it might feel a little warm but besides that no pain unless the area is a little sore to touch it might be a little painful when they go over that area. After they are done they may have you wait so the doctor can look at the scan and they may also come in and live scan if they want to see something again. If it is anything out of the norm they will have you report back to your doctor. They should read it while you are there and phone the results to the doctor and not wait so that way the doctor knows the plan right away.
        Don't worry I have had 2 of them in 4 months so it's not big of a deal.
        Remember to ask some questions and look at the screen they might show you what they are looking at and give you a clue if it looks normal.
        Good Luck
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