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pretty confident its a cyst, MORE QUESTIONS

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  • pretty confident its a cyst, MORE QUESTIONS

    Hey guys im brian and im 19....and this is my first post.

    So basically about a year ago i noticed a small bump on the top of my left testicle that was connected by a cord to the epidydimus (not attached to the actual testicle) . I can move it around also but it doesn't have a pain/dull ache until i start to move it around quite a bit. I have done a lot of research on the web and from what i have found i think it is a cyst. the ball is about the size of a bb and goes from really hard to pretty soft by day. I didnt get it checked out because it hasnt grown in size but recently i have noticed a dull ache every once in a while going down inbetween my legs to around my anus where there is a small ball under my skin which is agrivated on its own sometimes. I am stubborn but i have finally realized i would rather be alive than die of something stupid like this so i am getting it checked out soon...i was wondering what it is??

    I only get small small back pains everyonce in a while and some pains in my abdomin but i dont think its anything more than just aches that i recieve from the day... I was wondering what this new dull ache could be and if the ball is a cyst?!

    I dont know if this has anything that could affect my condition but when i was about 13 until i was 15 i believe i had a hernia where it went into my scrotum and one day it dissapeared so i didnt think anything of it. and the doctor has never noticed anything wrong by pressing on my lower abdomin.

    Comments are appreciated! thanks

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    It sounds like a cyst but you can never be to careful. When you see the urologist mention the old hernia. It shouldn't have any impact on the cyst but the doctor needs your full history. Good luck
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