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my situation, im a bit worried

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  • my situation, im a bit worried

    hiya, im 18 years old and i my left testical is bigger than my right, i think thats normal anyway lol....on my testical ive noticed the 2 on each testical and im pretty sure thats normal at the end of the tubes there is like a bumpy lumpy type thing and its on the end of both wondering is that normal? because on the left testical that hangs lower the bumpy lumpy type thing is a bit bigger than on the right testical also when i squeeze it i get a bit of a pain...and the same thing happens when i do it to the other testical...can you help me out please?

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    Make sure you're following a good set of self-examination instructions. It sounds as though what you're feeling is all normal. If you're not certain, you'll want to check with your doctor.
    Scott, [email protected]
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      thank you scott.., i was just a bit worried thats all, ill let you no if i go to the doctors and ill let you no what he/she says..but it actually does feel normal again now that i feel it