hi there.. im 27, sexually active male.
ive been worried because i have this shape change in my right testicle that comes and goes.. its located in the front mid part of it. when i shower with hot water it gets bigger.. but sometimes when i go pee or just go check its not there. what is annoying is the fact that sometimes its there.. sometimes its not.. beacause i dont know if it is something to really worrie about or just related to a temporal thing.

when i saw it for the first time, i thought it was due to the kind of underwear i use (tight boxers).. thinking so, i tried to use some more loose clothes. it seemed to work because the discomfort and the shape change i used to feel left.
i tryed wearing my normal clothes again.. now its back. i do not feel pain i feel discomfort in the testicle and in the right abdominal region. can this be caused by the type of clothes i wear? common jeans n stuff.. can this be happening because of tight clothes, ?.
the shape of the normal testicle is like eliptical .. right? mine.. when this thing comes ... is like an ¨o¨ trying to come out of the elipse through its longest part. the o is like 1/4 1/5 part of the testicle and its always on the same region. (the showing part of the ¨o¨ coming out is like 1/3 of it) as i told you before.. most of the times its not present. i have tryed to notice that when i ejaculate it tends to dissapear.. does that tell you something? i know every shape change in the testicles should be seen by an urologist.. but my condition does not allow me to go to a doctor.. (lack of budget). so please if you can be very specific about my thread i would thank you very much.