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  • Swollen Testicles


    Ive noticed my testicles have swollen ,the right one is bigger than the other. I went to the Doctor and she told me it could be the antibiotics that i took 2 weeks ago to treat non specific utheritis that could be causing the swelling.

    I have a ultra scan appointment on Monday 23rd Oct.

    My question is, has anyone here had the same side effect from taking this type of anti biotics.

    Also i had a mild burning sensation yesturday when urinating so could an infection cause the swealing?

    Thanks Gabby.

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    hiya, you say that when your urinated the other day that you had a burning sensation? sometimes when you get a burning sensation when urinating it could mean you have a water infection, but i dunno if that has anything to do with swollen testicals..just go see the doctor and see whats going on then to get your mind off of it, because it does worry you doesnt it , i no how it feels to worry like that, i think of myself as a hypocondriact lol because when i feel ill or something doesnt feel right i always think ive got every disease under the sun, but i hope everything goes well for you at the doctors, please notify me of what happens at the docs as i would like 2 no