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  • keysi
    Look, What I know is that TC is usuallly painless and asymptomatic and a lump in the testicle is always present. I honestly don't think that your symptoms have anything to do with TC they sound more like a Hydrocele or something less serious ( when I was doing some research a few months ago I read that some other testicular problems cause abdominal pain)....BUT make sure you go to the urologist to get an Ultrasound. Good Luck..

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  • vsoe
    started a topic worried


    A few months ago I started having testicular pain after sex. After a few days it would go away though so I didn't really think much of it. Now though I'm having it more frequently and also some abdomen pain as well. I've also noticed the area just above my penis seems to be a bit swollen and slightly sore to the touch. I have done some self exams and never been able to feel any growths or difference in size better the 2 sides.

    I do plan on going to the doctor next week but I guess I'm getting pretty worried about it everything. I also worry that since it's been a few months since the initial pain that it may have spread. I'd be greatful for any information you can give me.