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bit of advice please?!?

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  • bit of advice please?!?

    Im a 17 year old lad and over the past week ive had aching pains above my right testicle but i have checked myself for lumps and can't find anything. The pains come and go but seem to be getting slightly worse. Im planning on goin to the doctors asap but what do you guys rekon it is? cheers, si

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    Pain above the testicle or in it? You are wise to go to the doctor asap and should have an ultrasound. Lumps are not always felt with TC...and there are many things that can cause discomfort. Only a doctor and ultrasound can tell you what it it. TC is rare, but pain needs to be addresses regardless of what causes it. Good luck and let us know the results!
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      The pains are above the testicle, just below the penis. I've made a doctors appointment for next week so just hoping for the best. Thanks for the help and ill let you know how it goes.