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im worried as everyone else

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  • im worried as everyone else

    days ago i posted a thread and i see with terror that no one answers my question.. is it that rare?.. please. im so worried.!!!. give mi a hint.. something..
    here goes nothing again...
    hi there.. im 27, sexually active male.
    ive been worried because i have this shape change in my right testicle that comes and goes.. its located in the front mid part of it. when i shower with hot water it gets bigger.. but sometimes when i go pee or just go check its not there. what is annoying is the fact that sometimes its there.. sometimes its not.. beacause i dont know if it is something to really worrie about or just related to a temporal thing.

    when i saw it for the first time, i thought it was due to the kind of underwear i use (tight boxers).. thinking so, i tried to use some more loose clothes. it seemed to work because the discomfort and the shape change i used to feel left.
    i tryed wearing my normal clothes again.. now its back. i do not feel pain i feel discomfort in the testicle and in the right abdominal region. can this be caused by the type of clothes i wear? common jeans n stuff.. can this be happening because of tight clothes, ?.
    the shape of the normal testicle is like eliptical .. right? mine.. when this thing comes ... is like an ¨o¨ trying to come out of the elipse through its longest part. the o is like 1/4 1/5 part of the testicle and its always on the same region. (the showing part of the ¨o¨ coming out is like 1/3 of it) as i told you before.. most of the times its not present. i have tryed to notice that when i ejaculate it tends to dissapear.. does that tell you something? i know every shape change in the testicles should be seen by an urologist.. but my condition does not allow me to go to a doctor.. (lack of budget).

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    cancer can certainly cause the shapre of your testicle to change but not in the fashion you have described. The fact that it bulges and then rapidly reduceds in size has me stumped. I would certainly get checked by a urologist to find out what's going on but your symptoms doesn't sound like testicular cancer. Sorry, I wish I could be of more help.
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      I don't recognize the symptoms, but since it's clearly worrying you, I would find a way to have a doctor look at it. Most doctors and hospitals will treat you whatever your financial situation.
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