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  • Some thoughts would be nice!

    Hello all,

    Well about January i found 2 small lumps (4mm) 1 on each testicle. I went to the doctors about 2 weeks later, she sent me for an ultrasound. After this i went to the doctors, i was told all was fine, 'they might go down or just stay there if anything changes come back'. Well nothing has changed really, but i still think about it, I get a feeling some times, not like pain but more of 'you can feel it there' in my testicle, but if i move it usually goes away.

    What should i do?

    What could they be?


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    a thought

    Hi from Russell's Mom,
    If not for anything but to ease your mind, my suggestion would be to get a second opinion. If you have not seen a urologist, that would be the direction to go. Make sure you are dealing with people who are familiar and knowledgable about TC and "lumps". If the doctor did not do any lab tests, that is another direction that "should" be looked at. Simple tests are available to help ease your mind. It is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed while you are sitting with the doctor. Emotions can run wild and they rapid fire a lot of information to you. Have them write down the diagnosis, the treatments and the outcomes that they are working with. After you get home, if you still have questions you can start researching with an accurate approach. You can even call them and ask them to give you the information now if you have any questions. You deserve to understand what is going on and should it become serious, it will be more than important to have the information correct. As well, it is good to know what is happening now, so any future events can be dealt with correctly. Most of the healthcare people are busy, but love to help. Don't feel shy about asking!! Hope this helps, Sharon
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      Follow this link for doing a self exam as well as the anatomy of the testicle. Ask your doctor for a copy of your ultrascan report and that she also explains what you are feeling if the US is clear. Over examining yourself can cause if you are doing that stop for a week and see if the discomfort goes away.
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