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a year and a bit since last check, some questions

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    I have same situation

    I have like the same deal. Had little tiny grain of rice, or large grain of sand. I KNOW it is there. Docs feel it, but don't even blink. They all say I'm fine, no need for U/S or follow-up. They say if it seems to grow noticeably..... but it is ON the testicle, right about near where the epi meets up with the testis. (That zone is called the rete testis .) But I seem to be the only one paranoid about it. I go for days at a time w/o thinking about it, then other times i can't get my mind off it. Feel free to contact me to chat about this. [email protected]

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  • a year and a bit since last check, some questions

    ugh i wrote this whole thing out already and then it told me i wasnt logged in, anyways here goes again, ill try and keep it short and to the point:

    I'm a healthy 22 year old who exercises every day (weights, hockey, squash, generally very active), and eat relatively healthy. A year and a bit ago i found a lump on my right testicle about the size of a small grain of rice (which fluctuates slightly depending on conditions when im checking (temp.)). Went to a doctor right away to have it checked, new to the city im in so its a doctor ive only been to once before. He checked very briefly but didnt really seem to feel what i was talking about and just went ahead and sent me for an ultrasound. Go for the ultrasound, and the woman doing it also doesnt give me a lot of confidence that she believes that there is a lump there, asking me several times if i could show her the exact spot. U-Sound comes back and doc tells me there is no sign of anything unusual, and doesnt try to offer me any explanation of what it is, and the general feel i get is "well the tests say there is no lump, so there is no lump." Anyways i figured i was just being nervous and let it go, they checked and there was nothing, i did the right thing right? Well the lump has been there ever since, has not grown (or has not grown significantly) as far as i can tell, but ive checked it every day. The lump is very definetly ont he testicle itself and not floating around in the scrotum or attatched to the scrotum. no lumps on other side. Questions that could really help me out, do cancer lumps grow in size as time passes? Is it normal for people who find lumps to go back for annual checkups on it? should i see a different doctor or go directly to a urologist or other specialist? Is it likely that the U-Sound missed the lump (the lump is kind of on the top right in the middle of the elongated size of the eliptical shape of the testicle.) I'm pretty convinced that its nothing but it would be nice to actually have it defined, someone tell me "okay this is what it is," but i dont want to keep going back to the doctors over and over again or else theyll probably genuinely stop believing me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and best of luck to anyone who is going through treatment or recovery.