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    I'm new and would like some info and input. I'm 25 years old and recently went to the doctor because I was concerned about what I thought felt like a lump on both of my testicles. I went to my family Doctor on Oct. 10. He examined me and said I should have an ultrasound. He also suggested I have a blood test. I had the blood test done and it came back normal. Then I had the ultrasound done on Oct. 16th. On the 17th I got the results back from it and according to the ultrasound there is a small cyst on the epididymas of my right testicle no more the 3 milimeters. My Dr. suggested I go see a urolgist for two reasons. Reason#1 to ease my mind and reason#2 to ease his. I asked him what a urologist would do and he said probably no more than what had already been done. My Dr. said that since my blood test came back normal that its probably not cancer. 99% of the time cancer will show up in a blood test. My question is that if it is nothing but an epididymal cyst then why should I spend more money to go to a urologist and have the same thing done all over again? My Dr. said he would be very surprised if it turned out to be cancer, and I think that can be ruled out because of my bloodtest coming back normal. I'm not showing any symptoms of testicular cancer. Is there a chance it could be cancer even though my blood test came back normal, and should I go ahead and go to a urologist? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would go to the URO for a couple reasons 1 to ease your mind and 2 most fam doctors don't see TC cases at all so the URO can watch and give you a treatment plan if one is needed to get rid of the cyst and to watch for signs of TC. It should also be noted that not all TC shows up in a blood test so the 99% number is way off. The good news is that if it is cyst which is very common they should go away on there own but if they don't the URO can have a baseline as to what can be done in the future if treatment is needed.
    Now the cyst that you stated were on the EPI shouldn't be cancer since 98% of TC is on or in the test itself. Now saying that if you felt something on them and the ultrasound was neg it could still be cancer, infection or nothing at all, there have been others on here that didn't have a lump but they still had TC.
    The 18 to 35 age group is the most common for TC and it is the most common cancer for that age group but it is also very rare so chances are it isn't cancer but don't take the risk go to the URO they are the experts like your fam doctor has stated the URO visit could just save your life if something is there.
    Good Luck
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      I think I'm going to take your advice and go see a urologist. What would the Uro more than likely do?


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        go get an ultrasound first

        that will be the defacto of if it is a tumor of cyst // how di I know I had a cyst and a tumor so trust me the ultra sound will know
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