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Testicle Issue... Feeling Worried

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  • Testicle Issue... Feeling Worried

    Hi guys. I'm hoping that someone can put my mind at ease a little bit.

    I'm presently on the medication "Ciprofloxacin" because I have a prostate infection. I have about a week to go on that antibiotic before I have to go in and see my doctor again.

    Anyways, when I was diagnosed with a prostate infection, the doctor appeared to notice that my left testicle was swollen, although at the time, I hadn't really thought about it. He didn't say anything about it but he sent me to do a urine test, which I later noticed was for Chlamydia (sp?) and I know that swollen testicles are a symptom of chlamydia. Test came back negative I'm assuming, cuz I never got a call back. I've also read that the testicle problem might be from the prostate infection.

    I'm going to see my doctor on the weekend to follow up on my infection, but while I've been on the meds, I've noticed that my testicle is no longer hard and swollen, but it's instead a little softer and it almost seems to have moved a little bit from it's normal position, and the epididmis (sp?) is swollen. When I lie down, I can see it bulging out a bit.

    Today, I've noticed a random ache in my right "breast" by the nipple when I lean forward or make some random movements. I've had a sore area in my right "breast" for the last 5 or so months, but it's always just been sore to touch. I've read that a difference in the feeling of your testicle, as well as any pain in your "breast" are symptoms of testicular cancer.

    Any chance that this is simply something to do with my prostate infection? Or is it likely testicular cancer?

    I should note that aside from the issue with my testicle, which I thought might be Varicocele, and the random, dull ache in my right breast, I don't have any other symptoms.

    Sorry for the length. Hope someone can help. Bless.

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    Welcome! Was the diagnosis of the prostate infection done by exam only? I'm not very knowledgeable about prostate stuff, but it seems reasonable that if you have an enlarged testicle and prostate infection an untrasound would best find out what's happening with both. With regard to the breast ache, tenderness of the breasts resulting from elevated HCG in TC would be a generalized tenderness of both breasts. If you have an area that aches only in certain positions it may be muscle strain. Note that while rare, men can also have breast cancer. Next shower soap up your chest and examine yourself for any lumps with the pads of two fingers in a circular motion. Might as well mention that to the doc on your follow up as well. Let us know how it goes!
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      So I went to see my doctor today. Upon inspection, he thinks I may have a cyst. I have to go for an ultrasound tomorrow to find out for sure. So, that's pretty much good news, but I'll know for sure within the next couple of days.


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        That's certainly good news. Let us know what the ultrasound shows.
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          Turns out the ultrasound isn't until November 1st. So, I have to wait four long days. I'm trying not to stress myself out, but finding it difficult. Despite what my doctor said, I can't help but fear the worst. It's gonna be a miserable next few days. I'm scared that if it's cancer, it's gonna start spreading, or is already spreading.

          I'll let you know what happens.


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            Just to update on my symptoms...

            The soreness in my left testicle feels like it's changed somewhat. At first, it kind of felt like my left thigh was sore and that feeling is still sort of there, but it also kind of feels like there's a tightness where my leg connects to my pelvic area, just above the left testicle.

            My lower abdomen has also become a little sore when it's pressed on. Some areas of it more than others. Becoming much more worried and I'm feeling like November 1st is MUCH to far away.

            I should also point out that the pain I felt in my right "breast" was looked at by my doctor when I went in and he said there wasn't a lump, and he said not to worry about it and that it had something to do with me probably injuring my chest at some point because it's the tissue that connects to my ribs that's sore.

            Anyways, I don't know what to do. My mind is all over the place and it's definitely making me crazy. It's no fun to have to worry 24/7.


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              Please try and stay calm CashMan. I am confident you are going to do well.

              Is the pain in your lower abdomen directly above the left testicle? Did you notice any changes in the testicle size or texture? If you are getting pain in the "whole groin area" this dosen't sound like testicular cancer to me. This sound's similar to what i had myself (and still have today).

              It sound's to me like you've got a Varicocele (enlargement or blockage of the veins connecting to the testicle). This could go hand in hand with a spermatic cord blockage causing the "swelling" feeling. This would explain all the abdomen pain and also pain in the general groin region (including your leg).

              Even if this isn't a varicocele, it could simply be a cyst (which would radiate similar pain to the areas you describe). Both of these are treatable and nothing to worry about. You WILL get cured no matter what.

              Regarding the breast pain you describe - Is your nipple hard or very painful too touch (or even swollen/tender)? Or is it just the whole area in general (connecting muscle/tissue)?

              I can tell you that when i had prostate pain it also caused testicular pain similar to what you describe yourself. It effects the veins and arterys in that area pretty bad and has a knock on effect on the spermatic cord veins which in turn can cause alot of discomfort in the areas you describe.

              Having researched testicular injurys, function and cell function for the past three months (in the hope of restarting my own system after being on TRT) i feel confident in telling you this isn't testicular cancer. The shift in "texture" and "feeling" you are getting in the testicle happens when their is a blockage in the spermatic cord or veins (Varicocele). I have a varicocele myself and some day's the testicle feel's really soft and non-tender while other day's it feel's very hard. This seem's common when people have a varicocele or spermatic cord blockage due to the shift in blood preasure within the testicular veins.

              Please stay relaxed buddy, you are going to get your scan in the next few days and you will know for sure, but i wouldn't worry too much about testicular cancer because i don't think this is what you have.

              Feel free to ask me anything else!


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                CashMan, waiting for tests and results can be the hardest thing. Some of what you're experiencing may be your mind playing tricks on you. Since you can't speed up the clock, you'll want to occupy your brain in any way you can.

                You're going to come through fine!
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                  Originally posted by Scott
                  ... may be your mind playing tricks on you.
                  I 2nd that, you would be surprised how intense some phantom symptoms can become. I must have been insane.
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