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My MRI results and ER experience

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  • My MRI results and ER experience

    Hello Friends,

    I posted few days ago that I had to go to ER as I was having severe swelling and pain. After Ultrasound they found that it is "ORCHITIS/EPIDIDYMIT" and gave me presciption for 'Vocodin', Cipro' and Naprosyn' for a week. My pain and swelling has gone down very much. Right now I am on 'Doxycycline'.

    My MRI results

    After 1st Ultrasound found that I have mass within right testcle measuring 9x7x8 mm, I will be picking up my 2nd and 3rd Ultrasound reports tomorrow to check myself.

    Finally after a week mt MRI results are in it say "Right epididymal mass of 1.2 X 0.8 X1.1, at the tail. THis lesion is not specific for benign or malignnant altough most likely is benign due to extratestucular location, most likely an adenomatoid tumor. Histologic correclation is advised."

    Following this my Urologist advised biopsy in which he would open scrotum and cut part of the tumaor for biopsy but he may have to cut part of the Epididymis depending on the tumor size which could be like vasectamy of one testicle. He said I can wait for few months if I want to as it is more than likely that it is benign.

    Please advice what is the good option to wait or go for biopsy. And other thing is my ultrasound says tumor is in testicle and MRI says outside. Between ultrasound and MRI which is more accurate.

    Thank you in advance
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    Diagnosed with solid mass in my right testicle.

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    sort of odd that they just don't take it out if it is a solid mass in / on the test itself per the ultrasound. Maybe a second opinion is needed to make sure the URO's plan is the right plan.
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