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  • Testicals (Worried)

    I have a question about my left testical. My right testical is firm and holds its shape. But my left testical, when I feel the top part, it is very liquidy can feel something. I can feel this same thing on my right side but not as much as my left. My left side, I can feel lots of liquidy things that move but seem to be attached to the testical.

    And another thing, on my left testical, the back-bottom, I can feel a little liquidy mass that is attached to the testical. It is not firm at all and when I feel it, is liquidy. It is very small and if it was firm, it would make the shape of my testical different but it doesn't.
    P.S. my left testical hangs lower and when I place my finger on the bottom, I can feel that small thing. But when I try to feel it, it's very liquidy and is not firm.

    Am I worrying about nothing.

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    Sounds like a cyst, tumors are firm.
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      What are those? Are they dangerous? Should I stop worrying now?


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        Hi Bob,

        Stop worrying. Is the "liquid" like feeling on the testicle itself or the attached cord? It could be either a hydrocele on the testicle itself (a harmless fluid buildup) or a varicocele (an enlargement of the spermatic cord veins).

        It would be worth getting this checked out by a doctor just to confirm though.

        Stay calm though, this dosen't sound like TC.

        Best Regards,


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          So basically when it's warm the left hangs lower than the right. And I am thinking it's because of the liquid mass. I can feel a little bump on the bottom of the left testical. It's not hard or anything but is ATTACHED to the testical. When I squeeze it, it's very mushy and nothing like a lump or firm. On my right side it's A LITTLE like this but NOTHING like the left one.


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            For the bottom liquid thing on the left testical, it doesn't hurt when I feel it but after a while, my leg and testical gets a little sore. Is this ok? since I am checking it too much or something wrong?

            Also, I felt it a lot since I was worried and now after a week or so, it has gotten a little larger. The liquid thing is a little enlarged now. Do you think it will get smaller when I stop self testing? or should I go to the doctors.
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              It's quite easy to irritate that area. I agree that it's doesn't sound like you have tc but it's never a bad idea to have a doctor check.
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