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  • Testicals

    I have found something else on my testicals. They are both on my left and right testical. It is located on the top of them and is part of the testical. I am not sure if its TC or a part of the system. It is fairly small and firm. It feels like it's the actual testical itself but is not completely. So when I feel it, it's there but when I move the testical outwards to see the lump, its gone. Then it's actually part of the testical but when it's loosely hanging, I can feel it.

    Am I just feeling a part of the testical?

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    It sounds like you're feeling part of the natural plumbing but it never hurts to be checked by a professional.
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      So when you guys are talking about a lump attached to either testical, what do you exactly mean? Where is it located and how does it feel? Is out noticeably OFF the testical but attached or is it inside the testical? And if you push it out so the skin is touching it, can you clearly see popping out?


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        Can the Epididymis feel like a lump? I can feel the same lump on each testical on TOP of the testicals.