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chances of losing both testicles?

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  • chances of losing both testicles?

    ok.. i went to the GUM clinic complaining of a pain in the testis, similar to when i had an sti.. but i was clean. she told me to book an appointment with my gp and they should book an ultrasound. now, when i last went to the GUM clinic, i said i had a little lump in my scrotum, in the epidydmis.. that was about 6 months ago, and now the other testicle hurts too although i dont think theres a lump in the same place, or anywhere else.. although im not a doctor. oh, i also went to the doctor on a seperate occasion, coz i had these little lumps under my skin - the doc said it was probably lymph nodes flairing up, and if any more were to turn up, come back and see her.. anyway, im gonna go to the doctor, and try and get a scan..anyway my question is, am i gonna lose both my balls if this is advanced cancer? what are the chances? i can cope with losing one, but i don't know what the implications are of losing both, and i don't really want to think about it..


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    the odds of you having testicular cancer is very low. the odds of you having it in both testicles is extremely low. it sounds as though you have cyst. cancer is always presented attached to the testical or inside. try and not worry too much but you are doing the right thing by having it looked at. keep us posted!
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