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    Hi i found a lunp on my left testical 3 days ago. I put it off thinking that its just someting there, but it got a little harder. i have no pain but i still have the worries. can anyone give mw a liitle help.


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    Start with going to a Urologist. I'd skip a "regular Dr." unless your healthcare provider says that you need a referral. Anyway, most likely, some bloodwork will be ordered, hopefully a CT scan and you just have to wait for the results before you get too excited. Easy to say, right? I remember all of the thoughts that ran through my head, while waiting on results. It sucks...but what can ya do? Anyway, don't "assume" anything, as only these tests will tell you what step to take next. PM me if you have any ?'s.

    Could you describe the lump? How big, is it on the testicle or surrounding area...etc...?
    Non-seminoma..left removed, spread to near my left kidney (4cm), NO RPLND, 3 rounds chemotherapy, 8 years and 2 kids later.