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    Hi there. I am 24. A few weeks ago I noticed a distinct discomfort in my general groin area - testicles and inner thighs on both sides. Not exactly painful, more like a dull ache. This was a few days after some heavy lifting helping a friend move house - may or may not be related. Anyway it prompted me to examine my testicles, which I must admit is the first time I've done it for years. I thought I found a lump at the top of my right testicle so I went along to my GP who examined me and said it was either just the epididymis or possibly a small cyst on it that I was feeling. She said there was no medical need for an ultrasound. I took her word for it but went back to see a different GP a week or so later, because by then it no longer ached on the left side of my groin, just the right - plus I started getting weird pains in my lower LEFT side from my ribs to my abdomen, and the base of my back was starting to hurt. He examined me again and said he thought the epididymis was a bit swollen, possibly from an infection. Told me to take some Ibuprofen and that it should be fine in a week or two. A few days after that I was still feeling it, and still worried, so I went in to the Accident and Emergency department at my local hospital, intent on seeing a urologist. I didn't get to see one but saw a junior (general) doctor. He also examined me - said he also thought there was a small cyst (and a varicocele on the left one, though I'm pretty sure that's been there for years, and it feels fine to me) but again reiterated there was nothing on the testicle itself. Anyway - to cut a long story short I'm going for an ultrasound tomorrow, completely at my own insistence. I'm not in pain as such - it's more a vague discomfort that comes and goes. Possibly worse when sitting down - hard to say. Sometimes the right ball feels like there's fluid sort of washing over it, as if blood is flowing in or out or something - weird sensation. Discomfort in back and side (which my GP thought was muscular and not related) still come and go. Possibly my imagination, anxiety and excessive poking and prodding of the right testicle have made things worse. Anyway I can deal with the discomfort of a cyst or an infection or whatever, but naturally I'm still worried about TC. Is it conceivable that three doctors could completely miss that and that the scan will bring bad news, or am I just being (not for the first time) a hypochondriac? If it was cancer in my right ball causing the back pain, why would the abdominal pain be on the left side? Would that pain be constant and severe or just an occasional discomfort? Many thanks in advance!

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    Once you have your scan you will know a lot more. If after the scan they still don't know what is going on then you need to find a URO.
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      I had the ultrasound and it turns out I have bilateral varicoceles (bigger on the left). Nothing on the testicle and no cysts. I guess that's a relief!


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        Has the doctor recommended any treatment?
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          No - they reckon the occasional aches are a result of a groin strain as the varicocele on the right is pretty small.