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  • Concerned

    I'm just a little concerned but I probably have nothing to worry about.

    Recently, I noticed a mass in my scrotum. It doesn't seem to be attached to my testicles but I'm just not sure. I kind of soft and about the size of a quarter. From what I've read, I'm pretty sure it's not TC but I'll leave that up to my doctor.

    I guess my question is in reference to the type of pain I may feel if it were TC. Reason I'm wondering this is because today I have a cramp like pain near my upper groin however where it's located it's hard to tell if it is my groin or coming from my testicles.

    So, would the pain come from the testicle or from the groin? What would it feel like?
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    I had a dull pain on a scale 1-10 it was a maybe a 2 but it got very old. Best bet is to have the doctor take a look but from what you said it doesn't sound like TC, but leave it to the doctor to say for sure. But yes I had groin pain into the leg hurt like hell walking up stairs I thought it was a sports hernia boy was I wrong.
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