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  • been worrying lately...

    I have had a bump on my testicle for a couple of years I think it has been now, the bump hasnt really grown in size or anything, but recently I think I have noticed a size difference in hasnt gotten bigger but it has gotten smaller, I think I read on a website that it was a symptom of TC so I am going to get it checked out in a couple of days. Also I was wondering if the bump is always there or if it can go away and not be noticed or anything.....becuase sometimes I can barely feel it and sometimes I really notice it so I was just curious if you had any answeres to anything....thanks

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    Are you saying that the testicle (not the bump) has gotten smaller? I have also read about that symptom in some testicular cancer cases, such as this one and this one.

    It's good that you're getting it checked out, and I hope it turns out to be something less serious than cancer. Even if it is, I'm sure you've read already that the cure rate for testicular cancer is excellent.

    Keep us posted!
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