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  • Please Advise.

    Can anyone help?

    I have foolishly been living with a lump for around 12 years, finally I have confronted it and gone to the doctors. He suspects its testicular cancer, I have no other symptoms and feel fine. I'm going for an scan next week but I'm really scared I've left it too late.

    Should I have other symptoms by now if it was cancer?

    Is it too late?


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    You did the best thing that is going to the doctor the good news is this form of cancer responds to treatment very well. I don't know how the doctor thinks it could be cancer without a scan so he is putting the cart before the horse. Once you get the results let us know 12 years is a long time so it makes me think it could be something else. As for other problems it is different for everyone some have groin pain back pain but that isn't a good way to look at it. Just keep us posted.
    Good Luck
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      Since you're alive, it's definitely not too late! I agree with Brian that it's very probably something less serious than testicular cancer, and your ultrasound will clear things up.
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