Hello all.

I'm 18 years old, no one in my family as far as I know has ever had TC. I went to the doctors office a few weeks ago concerned that I had TC. Well on the top left of my teste he said I have a hydrocele which is harmless and I can live with it (summing it up), but on the bottom right teste there is this dark spot that looks to be the color of a vein. It is on the teste itself im thinking because when I move the scrotum around , the colorated like lump just stays there. but it's a dark kinda blue, like a vein. I asked the doctor about it and he was Sure it was just a vein, but personally it still concerns me from time to time. I've had it for quite a few months, it's never given me any problems other then the fact its dark blue and kinda freaks me out sometimes because im a hypochondriac(sp). It is painless. I dont have any back pain, if i get back pain its from heavy lifting, common sense stuff that you'd get back pain from. I'm thinking it could just be 1 of those "varicose(sp?)" veins, inside the teste and im just a hypochondriac(sp).
I just need some reassurance I guess lol, Thanks all!

I'm going into the Army here very soon, so I figured i'd try to get rid of this concern before I went in, lol.