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  • djmac

    I had some generalized groin pain (I thought it was a slight hernia) and it eventually went away (that was about a year ago). The testicle occasionally ached, but nothing major.

    I never felt a lump. My tumor was one uro could palpate it, but I couldn't feel it, nor could the other uro. I wouldn't wait... if you have groin pain, you have to get it checked. With the benefit of hindsight, I wouldn't even wait until after the holidays...

    Good luck!


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  • IowaBrian
    I agree time to see the doctor might be nothing but have the doctor check it out to be sure... waiting is the wrong thing to do just ask me I was lucky.

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  • Tazz602
    started a topic Pain - No Lumps - ??

    Pain - No Lumps - ??

    Just wondering - looks like everything I am finding seems to indicate that even with a generalized dull pain, a lump would need to be present to suspect TC. I've had a dull ache in the left testicle, sometimes radiating up or down to the lower groin for a coule weeks now that has slowly increased in frequency. It can occur doing different things, so not always related to an activity.

    I doubt it's any kind of infection as I have been on two antibiotic treatments for dental surgery in the last month (I'm on the second one now)

    As far as TC, is that a concern without any lumps that I can feel or noticable swelling of the testicle.

    Thanks in advance -