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Uneasy about Ultrasound Results

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  • Uneasy about Ultrasound Results

    Found a lump in my testicle two weeks ago. Went to my GP who thought I might have epididymitis. She prescribed me 10 days of Levofloxacin and referred me for an U/S. The U/S results came back "normal" but for two exceptions: I have an epididymal cyst and a lesion on one of my testicles. My GP said she wasn't immediately concerned, but asked that I return for a check up with her after I finished my prescription. I will have finished my meds by tomorrow and will see her next week. To date, the meds haven't done a thing. In any event, I am concerned about this "lesion" and the "not immediately concerned" comment. I have yet to see a Urologist, but I imagine this is the next step. Does anyone have any experience with non-cancerous lesions? Has any one else gotten mixed message from their GP about the results of an Ultrasound?
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    If you have the exact wording of the U/S report, please post it. Some folks here are quite good at translating the medical jargon.
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      The cyst would show up clear so fairly easy to define. You should ask for more information in regards to the "lesion"

      You should undertake self checks every month or so in case the cyst become something more concerning
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        I should have the full report tomorrow after my check up. When I went to my doctor's office following the U/S I was told I would not be allowed to see the report until my check up - very frustrating considering they printed it out and consulted with a nurse about it in front of me. Later in the afternoon I got a call from a nurse who, instead of explaining the results of my U/S, read a letter written to me by my Doctor. As of this afternoon, I still haven't received the letter. In any event, I will provide more info when I have it. I'm just a little unnerved by the recent experience with my doctor's office.


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          That would frustrate me beyond containment. You are paying these people money to take care of you, this is your data, data about yourself. Not to mention that it could be life saving data that needs to be acted on immediately.

          When you see your doctor tomorrow I would make it abundantly clear how you feel about it. If you walk out if there pissed of with the doctor then I would seriously consider going to another doctor, maybe for a second opinion or start shopping for a new doctor.

          I did that my Urologist. I am sure that he knew his stuff, etc. But I never felt that he was part of my "team" he was not my partner and that I was just a number to him. So I ditched him, went to another Urologist, and scheduled my IO with her for two days after that.

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