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worried about tiny lump!!

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  • worried about tiny lump!!

    For over three years now I have had a small lump near my epididymis. It seems to be slightly in front of the epididymis, and sometimes I think it's on the testicle itsself. It is smaller than a pea, but seems as though it has grown a little. I went to my GP and he then referred me to a urologist. (This was about three months ago). The urologist felt the lump and said that it was "on the epididymis" or "sitting on the surface of the testicle." He said that I should not worry about it and that if he had any doubt, he would have given me an ultrasound. He told me that a tumor would be coming from the body of the testicle. The tiny lump feels pretty firm if I press hard enough on it, but it is still small enough so it causes no discomfort. Sometimes I find myself worrying about it, even though both my GP and urologist felt it. (My GP had originally told me that it was nothing to worry about.) I worry because he gave me no ultrasound. Should I just take his word for it?

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    kind of sounds like where mine is, what do you mean by the body of the testicle?

    "if it was a tumour it would have beenc oming from the body of the testicle"


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      where is the body of the testicle located? do u mean like the testicle itself like the frount part? where its all smooth


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        Get a second opinion

        I think you should get a second opinion from another Urologist.
        Even better would be someone on the expert list.
        Even if it isn't TC, I would want to get closure on what it actualy is.
        You may find it to be harmless, - but get it checked again.
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          Yeah, where it is round and smooth, like on the front of the testicle.


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            yea i got a lump on back of my testicle like where the tube things are and its feels like tis sitting on my testicle but i cant tell if its attached to those tubes structures... im scared to tell my parents but im telling em either tonight or tommorow


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              I called my urologist's office and was able to speak with the urologist that examined me three months ago. He told me that the lump is calcified and that it will probably never go away (chronic). He said that it is not cancer, so I have nothing to worry about!!


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                Keep a close check on that calcification. If you notice any change get back to the doctor and get an ultrasound.
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