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Hi, here are my symptoms, going to see Urol. on Wed (right testicle discomfort)

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  • Hi, here are my symptoms, going to see Urol. on Wed (right testicle discomfort)

    This is my first post here. I'm happy to see that a group like this exists and is as active as it is.

    I've been bothered by testicle discomfort off and on for the last 3 weeks. This was following related or unrelated discomfort I was having on the glans of my penis that has since gone away.

    I am sexually active, 23 years of age, and have already had a couple of urology appointments recently, but they were for thte glans issue and not the testicle issue which has since arisen.

    But here's the thing - I've had a little hard "BB" of a spot near the front of my right testicle for as long as I can remember. I had gotten it checked out in the past (3 years or so ago) by my family doctor who thought nothing of it, and I forgot about it. Once in a blue moon I'd have some sensitivity or discomfort there, but never thought twice.

    Well for the past 3 weeks I've had a somewhat consistent dull-ache in that general area. My Dad told me it was probably nothing and just due to increased sexual activity as of late (new girlfriend) - but I have now decided to go get checked out, because this feeling is bothering me.

    SO - Just wanted to say Hi, check in, and fill you all in after my appointment on Wednesday. Wish me luck and good health and all that, hopefully this is just an infection of some sort and that bump is a cyst that's been there for a long time - and if it's not, well - I look forward to support from people like those on this board.

    You can call me "cr_dude".

    Wrap-up: Symptoms: nearly constant dull ache in right testicle, small hard bb lump near the top/front of right testicle, fear/stress associated with possibility of having testicle cancer

    Until Wednesday evening...

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    Your doing the right thing seeing the URO I am surprised that he didn't notice it when you were in before.. sort of makes me think of a cyst but the URO is the place to go. He might send you for a ultrasound to be on the safe side or maybe some blood work.
    Good Luck
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      A visit to the urologist is certainly the right thing to do. Let us know what the Dr. finds on Wed.
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        Welcome to the forums, good luck on Wednesday, and keep us posted.
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          Hi guys,

          My doc gave the same diagnosis as the last, that I have a benign cyst on the testicle that is causing the discomfort.

          If I want I can get it removed, it's a simple surgery.

          Instead I'm going to give it a couple weeks of anti-inflammatories and icing down the area, and hope to feel an improvement.

          I appreciate the support that this forum offers, and I wish every last one of you all the best.

          If anyone has any resources about benign cysts and how to deal with them, I'd appreciate it.

          Thanks and keep up the good work around here...