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  • No lump but...

    Sorry, this is kind of a long one.

    Back in July I had some pain in my lower left groin area that felt like a mild hernia. My doc checked that out and it was negative for a hernia. However, after a few weeks or so the feeling spread to the right side (exact mirror area). This also lasted a few weeks and both diminished to lower levels that seem to come and go.

    During this time I had this feeling like things just weren't right.

    A several weeks back I noticed a small lump in my armit (fullness and mild pain initally w/ both subsiding w/in a few days). This was then followed by the same sort of pain I felt in my groin only this time in the armpit and around the right ribcage and lower arm. After a week or so the same feeling was on my left ribcage area. Again these pains subsided after a couple of weeks.

    During this time I thought I felt tenderness and mild tingling/burning in my nipples, although I have to admit I had read up on the symptoms of TC so I could be imagining it.

    The thing is that I still do not have any noticeable lumps, hardness, or discomfort in my testicles. However, the discomfort in my groin and subsequent pain in my chest/armpit area have me a little worried. The lump is still palpable in my armpit w/o pain and I still have that "not right" feeling.

    If anyone recognizes these weird "symptoms" please respond. Thanks!

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    It certainly sounds like you have something going on in your lymphatic system. I wouldn't assume cancer but you should get it checked out. By any chance did you get a flu shot recently?
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      I agree that it sounds as though you're feeling swollen lymph nodes. Infection? What did your doctor say?
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        No flu shot for me as I feel those are best left for those who really need them.

        I haven't seen my doctor yet as I know that lymph nodes will swell with a cold and can stay swollen for weeks after. (I had cold symptoms a week or so after - sorry forgot to mention that major detail - so that was my initial conclusion). But then these weird rib pains started and now I don't know. I figured if I saw the doc right away he'd say that it was due to the cold and to come back in a month if the node was still swollen.

        Thanks guys.