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  • Scott
    Well, it doesn't sound as though you have testicular cancer! Try this link for a more likely diagnosis.

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  • richard44
    started a topic Where do i Start

    Where do i Start

    Where do i start... my penis is extremely screwed up

    1. In my left testicle there are a lot of litte strings (i think its varocelie or however you spell it but not sure)

    2. I have little bumps on the underside of shaft on my penis about 10 about as big a marker dot and on on top there are mostly white but like 2 red ones

    3. I have 2 bigger bumps on my penis on under almost on the scrotum it is kinda white and mixed with my skin color and one near the begining of the shaft on the side and it is red. the on the side i can squezee and white liquid comes out the one on the side can hurt sometimes but the one on the bottom doesnt really hurt

    4. Not really a big deal but my penis is curved

    And after all this i am a virgin can u identify any of this