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So fortunate to find this forum. Can you guys help me?

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  • So fortunate to find this forum. Can you guys help me?

    Hi there everyone. First, I just want to say thanks to all the active folks in this forum that give advice to guys like me. This is an extremely valuable community.

    Anyway, I'm about to turn 21 years old and I'm a little scared that I might have TC. I'm in France at the moment but I will be returning to America on April 22nd and I might be able to see a doctor as early as the 23rd. I can’t see a doctor here because I can’t afford it. I have HTH Worldwide “health insurance” but they require me to pay out of pocket first and then I might get reimbursed. I don’t know if they cover this sort of thing… It doesn’t hurt to ask, but if I do get approved, I then need to work around a language barrier because my French language skill is non-existent. The whole process of getting to a doctor is extremely inconvenient and it might be better for me to just wait until I go home (only ~11 days left.) I definitely want to get an ultrasound when I go back as I do feel some sort of lump in my epididymis. I know it could be a cyst or something, but I'm not sure.

    I’ve had pain for about four days now (mostly mild pain.) On the first day of the pain, I experienced two instances of sharp (left) testicle pain that shot up into my upper abdomen. The pain only lasted for two seconds and disappeared. Ever since then, I've had some mild pain in my left testicle, groin, lower abdomen and occasionally in my left leg.

    On the second day, I noticed that my groin (left side) became swollen. I searched this problem on Google and discovered that it is possibly a swollen lymph node (I don’t think it’s a hernia.) A lymph node becomes swollen when there is a nearby infection, tumor, injury, or similar thing. I tried not to psyche myself out right away, so I didn’t search too much about TC. I was fairly certain that I was suffering from epididymitis (an infection of the epididymis.) I recently started using baby powder to dry things up down there because my testicles sweat too much and smell. The epididymitis could be a result of the baby powder. Perhaps my penis touched some fecal matter during sex with my gf? She’s clean and doesn’t have any pain so I don’t think I have an STD or something. I’m not leaking any fluids, either.

    That day, I felt my testicles for any lumps but didn’t find anything as my epididymis on the left testicle was sensitive to the touch. I didn’t really have any symptoms besides for pain. My urine is normal. My testes look normal. I’m pretty sure I don’t have a torsion because my testicle would be in much more pain and possibly blue by now. The pain was aggravated by sitting down so I laid in my bed all day. Luckily my girlfriend is here with me so she can help to take care of me.

    So, with the thought of epididymitis, I decided to start an antibiotic that I brought from America. I am currently on the third day of the five day treatment of the antibiotic and it seems like part of the problem is going away. I was experiencing stomach discomfort today because of the antibiotic but the pain went away after eating some yogurt. I am hoping that by the fifth day, my pain will be totally gone. I am also taking ibuprofen as needed to try and reduce pain/inflammation.

    Today, I felt less discomfort so I was able to feel around more for a lump. I found a lump in the area of the left epididymis. It'’s a small lump and seems to be inside of a tube, but not attached to my testicle directly. Perhaps this is some sort of cyst? Sperm-ball? I don’t know. I have ejaculated a few times during these days to try and relieve any extra pressure on the epididymis but that hasn’t worked too well. It also feels like the entire left epididymis is swollen or just... harder, I guess. Feels much different than the right epididymis.

    Anyway, my groin is what hurts me the most and is in pain 90% of the time. I got lucky today and experienced almost no pain for a little while. The pain isn’t bad; it’s just uncomfortable. There used to be a pressure in my scrotum but that’s gone. Now the pressure is just in my groin near a lymph node and it’s a 3/10 on the pain scale.

    I don’t have a lot of the symptoms that are associated with TC, but I do have ball/groin pain, a lump and a swollen groin. The testicle is usually only in pain when I do something to aggravate it (like walk too much or sit in a certain way.) My testicles look fine – not swollen as far as I can tell. I am suspecting that the abdomen pain was from the antibiotic (I only bought yogurt today – the third day of treatment) because it was healed with yogurt. This is just freaking me out because healthy testicles aren’t supposed to hurt at all, let alone for days. I greatly appreciate any insight on the matter, thanks!
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    First off, I would say get checked by a Doctor. They will be the only ones that will be able to tell you what is going on. Whatever you have to do financially to make it work, I would, if you are really worried.

    Secondly, It could be a number of things that are causing this type of pain. I'm not a doctor so I dont know. The lump your talking about doesnt seem like something associated with testicular cancer. It is usually a hard lump in or directly on the testicle. In my case, it was rock hard and growing. I could tell something was wrong. I have a lump at the tail of the epididymis that is not cancerous. you could be dealing with a cyst.

    Third, ordering anibiotics from across seas and eating yogurt to cure this without Dr supervision does not sound like an idea. If you really have something wrong you need to be diagnosed correctly by a good dr.

    I'm just trying to be honest. In my opinion it doesn't sound like TC.


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      Agreed, it doesn't sound like TC. The mind can play tricks on you at times like this - it's easy to be over-sensitive to the slightest feelings down there, not helped by lots of checking and probing. If you get significant, acute pain then I'd go see a doctor straight away; otherwise try not to worry about it and just schedule an appointment with your doctor when you get back to the US. A week or two will not make much difference.

      - T
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      31 Jul 14: GP referral to specialist
      4 Aug 14: Clinical diagnosis of tumour, blood samples taken, CT scans, USS (confirming ~2cm tumour)
      8 Aug 14: Left radical orchidectomy (plus test results back: CT normal, no mets; blood markers slightly elevated: AFP 14.16, HCG 4.9, LDH 149)
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        Sorry, I didn't read your post close enough... Talis is right. Just get it checked when you get home.