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Should I be concerned ?

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  • Should I be concerned ?

    Hi, I am Malc from Blackpool in the UK (49 yrs).
    About 8 months ago I started getting a heavy sensation and aching in my R Tesicle ( this followed the day after a long hike by the way). I took Ibruprofen and after 2 weeks it still persisted, not bad pain, but very annoying. I went to my doc who examined me and said he could find nothing, and to see how it progressed as he thought it was a strain. After another 2 weeks it was no better, off I went and he said he would refer me to a urologist for a check up ( this appointment was to come some weeks later). Now I do testicular exam and noticed nothing, but 10 years ago I had a vasectomy, and noticed a thickening on the top area of my LEFT testicle which I have put down to a possible effect of the op ( ie a granuloma ). However I vaguley noticed this but was not too concerned. Well, I saw the urologist who almost ignored my R testicular pain and informed me that he had found a nodule on my LEFT testicle. He said he was unsure if it was testicular or outside the testicle, but felt it was not anything to worry about but I would need a scan. I had the scan, and felt the radiologist was fine, explaining what he was doing. He started to put my mind at rest, as obviously he could find no mass in the testes ( well its' over 4 months now and I have heard nothing !!) and said I had some thickening of the cord and a slight varicocele. I was not seen again by the urologist and had no report to indicate that this was anything to worry about. Well, over the last week I have had LEFT testicular pain, this was tender acute pain, and the nodule spot was very sensitive. I have been able to examine the nodule and think it may be a little more enlarged, but it feels smooth and aqbout the size of a small pea. I am now a few days from the acute episode and the pain is settling down and it is nowhere near as tender. I don't feel I have an infection as I have NO other symptonms, indeed I never have had. and feel concern. Do you think the scan has missed something ( ie was accurate) ??. and should I just let everything settle. I have a suspicion that his is all a result of my vasectomy 10 yeas ago, and I am also aware that such nodules can enlarge. Comments appreciated

    NB The Right testiciular pain was put down to a strain