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Tiny 'pimple' size spot on testicle

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  • Tiny 'pimple' size spot on testicle

    Hello there, i am 17 and after having a lecture on Cancer remembered that i had a small problem. It must have been around now for nearly a year. On my left testicle, there is a small spot like a pimple or the tip of an pencil. It is completely painless, even if i feel it, poke it, any type of touching. I remember being told or maybe reading it somewhere that it could be something to with a vein or something. Not sure, but am curious as to what it could be. It is not big, not pea sized, not grape sized - so i'm not sure what it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated - this forum seems like a great place for someone like me.

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    HI m8 .
    If your courious to what it is you should make an appt and see a DR asap . dont wait .
    Cheers T
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      I will be next week at the doctors for an injection. I'll try and ask then.
      Do you have any idea what it could be, judging from my description?


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        It could be normal anatomy (for example the appendix testis), but if you're not sure, you should ask your doctor about it.
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          Thank you for that, it is the exact place as the picture shows.