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Blackish mark on scrotum

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  • Blackish mark on scrotum

    Hi all !!

    Okay, a quick back story, last Saturday I was at a friends place just sitting down and minding my own business when he threw me something that he expected me to catch (approx the size and weight of a coke can). This hit me directly between the legs and as most guys know, it hurts. Okay, it was't as bad as it could of been but I was wincing from the pain. Anyway, 2 mins later I felt better, although a bit sore, which I guess is to be expected.

    Well the next day I still felt a bit sore and had a very slight lower abdominal ache, although certainly not painful, just a mild discomfort. The soreness of my testicles (mainly the left one) is mild and mainly happens when I think about it (and may also be due to me touching them all to the time due to the thing I am about to mention).

    Anyway, I thought I would check my testicles out to see if they were okay, and when I got a mirror out I noticed a fairly small but noticable blackish spot/mark on the skin of my scrotum. When pressed the mark nearly vanishes, but then slowly re-appears. It looks as though one of my blue/purple veins goes in to this mark and then stops. The vein looks normal, but then stops with this small mark. This leads me to think it could be some kind of burst blood vessel or something, is this possible ? If so is it a risk ? I am wondering if the fact when I press it that it almost vanishes then slowly comes back is any sort of obvious indication of something ? I doubt it is testicular cancer as it is on the scrotum (outer skin), but I am no expert if that makes a difference. Also I am unsure about if it can be any form of skin cancer (although perhaps doubtful).

    The mark is formed in shape and is about 4mm in height and 2mm is width and about 1mm in thickness. I know it isn't a STD. Also I have no idea how long it has been there as I can't really feel it much (I can feel it, but only like you can feel a mole), only see it, and although I tend to feel myself a lot I never really examine my scrotum by sight.

    Also as I say, the discomfort I feel may be due to both myself touching that area a lot (due to this mark and me trying to feel it all the time, nerves, etc), and due to me knowing there may be a problem, I do tend to cause aches and pains through mind power sometimes (although not all the time of course). I know the only real sure way to know is to see a doctor, but I thought I would ask here first in case it is something common and obvious.

    Many thanks all !! Any advice appreciated and sorry if I have rambled on and on !!
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