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Ive had a lump for 9 months now

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  • Michael112
    I have had a tumour pointed to me via ultrasound aswell as a cyst pointed out to me via ultrasound, if the ultrasound said it was a cyst, then I would put a lot of money on it being a cyst.
    A radiographer or radiologist needs to write a report on it, then your urologist/gp(pc) sees it, so you basicly are getting a 2nd opinion.

    Like Scott said, If it hasnt changed in 9 months then thats further evidence its a cyst, cysts dont always go away.

    If you prefere you can always get it drained or removed, wich the urologist would require another ultrasound for.

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  • Scott
    Cysts don't always disappear, and they're not always treated if they're not causing discomfort. You might check in with the urologist again, but if it's in the epididymis and it hasn't grown, odds are good it's really a cyst.

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  • Steve_M
    started a topic Ive had a lump for 9 months now

    Ive had a lump for 9 months now

    Hey guys, first of all great forum, really feels like theres a great community here.

    Anyway heres my situation which im a bit concerned about. I discovered a lump in my testicle back in February and went to see the doctor. I got sent for an ultrasound and it came out fine. I was told it was an epididymal cyst.

    Being the paranoid guy that i am, i went for a second opinion. I booked up an appointment with an urologist and he too told me it was an epididymal cyst. I didnt have another ultrasound though.

    Now its been about 9 months and the lump is still there! I mean isnt a cyst supposed to go away after a while!? Its the exact same size that it was, when i first discovered it (aint tiny either). Size of a small oval marble (if theres such a thing) on top of my right testicle.

    Whats going on? Should i go to the doctor again? Im just worried why it still hasnt decided to leave yet. Surely it should shrink by time, and then evaporate totally.

    Any reply would be well appreciated. Thanks
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