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quite a few worries

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  • quite a few worries

    well i seem to have quite a few problems "down there":

    my epididymis seems to be bigger on one side, and has a hard lump in it which you can see is a purple colour (like a bruise) if you press it to the side of the scrotum. Also, i think i might have a lump on my right testicle which is really really tiny! almost like a pimple or something. When i finally decided that my lumps on my testicle were really on my epididymis, i started to get aches that vary between my testicle/lower abdomen/high leg, but i don't know if this is because i keep prodding and poking! also, when i try and check the top of my testicles then it can be quite sore and painful but i dont know if thats just because i'm pinching! i don't have any lumps as such but i'm still worried so i should be going to the docs on friday with my girlfriend (haven't told parents though, just going to go because i don't want to worry them this close to christmas if its nothing), just wondering if you guys could give me some info on what i should expect, and also, do you think i should try and get a scan rather than just have them inspected? please reply



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    Glad to see you've taken the initiative to schedule an appointment with your doctor. That's the only way to help ease your mind. Your doctor will likely want to examine you first. If he suspects the possibility of something further/more serious, then he'll order a scan.

    From the sounds of it, you may be dealing with epididymitis:

    Best of luck on Friday.
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      ok! thanks for the qucik reply!

      just wondering, should i be worried about really small lumps? no bigger than a spot and theres a few concentrated in the same area but i think theres a few more on my left testicle, anything to worry about? i've got really paranoid about TC lately


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        Hey man,

        Just like GregF said, you already made the big step of setting up a time to get yourself checked out. It also helps out if you get informed. When you go to the doctor, don't be shy to ask questions. It's their job to give you honest answers. Best of luck!
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          couldn't get an appointment fri so i goin 2 my nearest walk in on sat.

          i felt a tiny lump like right in the middle of my left testicle, but i had to press down quite hard 2 get to it, is it the kind of thing i should worry about?

          i'm so paranoid


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            well i went and the doc said that i had a cyst in my epididymis which has probably got infected. i'm on anti bios for 5 days and if i'm alright after that then i'm home and dry