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    Hi all,

    Just want to start by saying that this is a great site and has been really helpful so far.

    I've been having a dull pain in the groin area for the last two weeks and recently noticed a small lump on my right testicle. The groin pain comes and goes, but I recently have also been experiencing some lower back pain. My original thought was that the back pain was due to increasing my running/stairs workout this past weekend. The back pain has subsided for the most part, but is still present.

    I've scheduled an appointment with a urologist tomorrow but wanted to get any opinions on the back pain. From your experience, is the lower back pain consistent or does it go away after a few days? Can the symptoms spread that fast?

    I've also had a history of hydrocele's (when I was 2 and 12, I believe) and am wondering if that could also produce similar symptoms...

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Originally posted by florida51
    Thanks for any advice!

    I had dull groin pain ~1 year before I was diagnosed. Then I had back pain/sciatica all Summer. This went away after my operation, but now I have back pain again. It's at my tailbone, and it gets worse as I sit. Last week I started in the gym again, also doing stairs, as well as precor, treadmill, and lifting... so this may be the case with me.

    My ortho gave me a presciption for a bone scan, but since my symptoms are fading and since I already know the stage of my cancer, I may hold off for a couple of weeks.

    In your case, I wouldn't make too much of the back pain, but the groin pain and lump is definitely worrisome. You need to see a uro ASAP, and he needs to examine you and prescribe an ultrasound if your lump is suspicious. TC is one of the fastest growing malignancies out there, so really take care of this.

    Good luck, and please let us know the outcome!

    Detected mass 10-6-06, Radical left I/O 10-10-06, Stage I seminoma, 1.5 cm primary, No LV invasion, No Rete Testis Invasion... Currently on Surveillance.


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      Well I went to the Uro today and he wasn't particularly concerned. Thought the bump might be an "accretion" but I'm scheduled for an ultrasound next week anyway. I actually had to show him where the bump was located. He thought that most of my soreness can be attributed to an increase in running/stairs recently.

      Pretty sure I'm going to get a second opinion just to be on the safe side. I've strained muscles in my groin before and this is a different sensation.