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    About 6 months ago I was suspicious of testical cancer, and got an ultrasound scan of my right testicle. Pain was present at contact, and I was told it was nothing to worry about and was most likely a cyst. About 3 months ago I had similar symptoms of my left testicle and got a check-up, the doctor found nothing and didn't even recommend a scan. Now here I am with the same lump in my left testicle. There is no pain on contact of the lump, but the surrounding area, when touched, gives off an ASTONISHING amount of pain. When I push it not only do I feel pain in the testicle, but I feel pain near my heart. What does this sound like?

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    The "pain near my heart" comment is a new one to me. Have you called your doctor again?
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      I haven't yet, I guess after the second time I was told there was nothing wrong with me, I thought I was just paranoid and sat back. Each time I sort of convince myself the worst, and am ready for bad news, but since twice it's been good news, I'm thinking there may be nothing wrong? I'm not sure, what does it sound like ( aside from the heart thing, I know it sounds weird but for a period of 10 seconds after contact it's a real pain which feels like it is my heart, but I guess it couldn't really be my heart )

      Edit: On the testicle there is a hard painless lump, then literally right next to it is a soft, larger lump, which causes severe pain, the surrounding are hurts as well, but not directly on the hard lump.


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        A hard lump on the testicle is something that needs to be taken very seriously. Go back to you doctor and have him schedule an ultrasound, and the sooner the better.
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          Not all testicular masses are painful, hence the need for guys to do the TSE every month or so. Dadmo is right in saying that any masses should be taken seriously and looked at promptly. If anything, you should push to get the ultrasound done ASAP for your peace of mind.
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