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Testicular Microlithiasis Question

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  • Testicular Microlithiasis Question

    First off, Thanks Scott for getting up and running. Not sure what happened with my email. Anyways, Hello all. A little backstory first. I am 36 years old. Married. Narcoleptic. I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem last year. My testosterone level then was 336. Around November, I started getting pain in my right testicle. No lumps, swelling or anything else. Just pain. Sometimes very severe. During all this I was also diagnosed with mild gynocomastia. Sex drive
    was erratic. Sometimes non existant. Sustaining was very difficult and
    some releases were downright painful. I also this past month was
    diagnosed with fibromyalgia with leanings toward lupus (this sucks I
    know). I just had an US on my testes. Everything looked fine but they
    found "borderline prominent veins in the left hemiscrotum" and "mild
    bilateral testicular microlithiasis" in both.

    My testosterone level is now 286. (is this normal for a guy my age?)
    My LH is normal at 4.6

    Recent lab tests show the following abnormalities (these were done 1-2 months before the ultrasound):

    Beta Globulins: 1.3 (High)
    Gamma Globulins: 1.6 (high)
    Hemoglobin A1c: 6.2% (diabetic?)
    ANA Screen: Positive
    ANA Pattern: Homogenous
    Antinuclear Antibodies: 1:160 (High)
    Sedation Rate: 29 (High)
    C-reactive Protein: 1.20 (High)
    TSH w/reflex to T4: 0.01 (Low - fixed by changing meds)

    The immunofixation test was negative.

    After reading all that, should I get a second opinion on the
    Ultrasound? I have been reading things about TM having a higher
    association to Testicular cancer. My current urologist doesn't seem too
    concerned about this. I am seeing my endo this week. The pain is still
    there. Does anyone have any insight about TM? Their experiences? Does
    the inflammation and weakened immune system the lab results are show
    have anything to do with this? I'm just trying to figure these things
    out. Thanks in advance.

    UPDATE: as an added bonus, I just saw my endo today. He said my testosterone is normal (286? I feel like crap and I'm losing hair right and left besides not being able to shave for weeks due to the lack of hair growing), said I'm doing good and shouldn't worry about the TM issue too much. I have already gotten appointments for another endo and urologist, as I do not feel satisfied with the recent answers. Am I just being paranoid?

    Again. Thanks for any advice.
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