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    I have been reading the board and it sounds like everyone on here is very helpful. I have noticed within the last four or five months a place on the outer side of my left scrotum. It looks more like a pretty good sized pimple, but after trying to squeeze it (as most guys do with everything that looks like a pimple) then putting a little needle in it to pop it, only blood came out. I have also noticed an increase in an area around my left testicle. I have read somewhere before i think that the left area should be larger because of vessels and stuff (is that true?). I was curious as to why the left feels much larger than the right. Almost feels like on top of my left testicle there is a bunch of other stuff. I hope i'm giving a decent description. I haven't gotten it checked out, and know that i should, but am kinda nervous about going and getting it checked out. I was curious if anyone can help out.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    TC is always connected to testicle itself and if I understand you are saying that you have your problem on the skin on scrotum ?
    You can find anatomy of scrotum and testicles on many places over internet and please figure it out that testicle must be conected to many things.
    If your testicle is not ovesized, too havvy or you have no bump on the testicle itself I belive your feer for having TC is to much.
    If you belive that something is wrong you shopuld go to your doc for phisical exam, can't hurt anyway.
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