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Nervous.. Advice from people who have been here please

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  • Nervous.. Advice from people who have been here please

    Hi All,

    I know there are many posts that may be identical to this one so I apologize in advance. i just figured I could ask questions specific to my situation to try and relax a little.

    About 5 years ago i felt a lump on one of my testacles. I didn't know much about TC so i did a little research and learned about the epididymis. I went to the doctor and he felt it really quick and brushed it off as nothing. 5 years later (with my first child on the way), i feel a need to be healthier and take good care of myself. So I made it a point to start checking my testicles. I felt something about a week ago and from my first doctor visit years back i kinda brushed it off. With this new sense of responsibility of becoming a dad, I couldnt let it continue so I went to see my doc.

    The lump seems to be where my epididymis is suppossed to be, on the top of my testicle. It is rather large and elongated (which makes me really think it is the epididymis). The problem is as I try to follow it down the testacle to see if it is a separate lump or the epididymis i cannot feel it continue so I am thinking it is a lump. I read that the epididymis is soft and this is not. My other testicle does not feel anything like this. I followed a link to epididymitus (from this board and am still confused).

    Anyway, my doctor told me he had TC when he was younger so I feel he will be very sensitive to this. I have an appointment scheduled for an ultrasound on Tuesday. The problem is it is only Saturday and I am kinda freaking out having to wait until Tuesday (New Years on Monday).

    I know people here are not doctors nor am I looking for a diagnosis. I am simply looking for some advice or thoughts from people who have been in my shoes. I am just trying to make it through until Tuesday.

    Thanks so much in advance for your time and support!

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    I think the main thing is that you have taken the necessary step to find out what is going on by scheduling the ultrasound.

    I am in the waiting game right now as well, and I know that it can be nerve racking. I find it helpful to immerse myself in my favorite activities as much as possible, such as movies, reading, and music. This takes my mind off things for a while. Whatever it is that you like to do, spend the weekend doing it, and the time should go by a little faster. It has for me.



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      thanks Billy. I appreciate the feedback. I guess you and I have no choice but to enjoy the weekend and new year and hope for the best.


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        A few days won't make a differance and I think you'll be ok but your doing the right thing getting it checked, especially by someone who had it.
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          Thanks dadmo for the response.


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            I think you're going to be fine, too, and I just wanted to offer my congratulations on your impending fatherhood and for taking ownership of your health.
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              Thanks Scott. I gotta say, after reading so many posts on this site, you and dadmo seem to respond to almost all of them and give people great advice. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say thank you very much you are really appreciated!